Physician's Grade Advanced Relief Cooling Cream 750mg CBD

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This topical healing cream/rub works by deeply penetrating to provide cooling and soothing relief. Physician's Grade Hemp Intensive blend with 750mg of Pure CBD extract is one of the highest concentrations, available in a cream, on the market today.

Contains Pure Hemp CBD Extract - 750 mg | 0.00% THC

Serving Size Net Wt. 4oz

Suggested Use Start with a small pea-sized amount, a little goes a long way. While everyone is different, most commonly it lasts from several hours to a half-day or longer per application. The cooling effect is a combination of menthol and emu oil working together to provide a soothing sensation.

Good to Know Commonly used by athletes. We’ve heard rave reviews from tennis players, college athletes, swimmers, rowers, runners and others. You can apply several times a day and typically you will feel relief within 15 minutes of application.

Ingredients Advanced relief cooling cream with pure CBD isolate + 10% EMU oil + arnica

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