CBD Beginners Kit

  • $24.00

We are dedicated to natural wellness and we want to make it easy for all who are interested to discover how CBD can help you feel better and live better. Our Beginner's Box is that answer. A great intro for you or someone you love.

TONIC Vibes 'Chill' Mini CBD Oil Tincture

130mg CBD | 5ml | Relax + Restore | Certificate of Analysis
A combination of CBD with ashwagandha to defend against stress and restore optimal balance. Lemon balm and passionflower calm your mind and promote relaxation.

MedTerra Good Morning CBD Capsules

50mg CBD | 2 Vegan Capsules  

Power up your morning with liposomal CBD+ capsules. Made with a mix of turmeric, B6, B12, and maca, Liposomal CBD+.

MedTerra Good Night CBD Capsules

50mg CBD | 2 Vegan Capsules 

Set the scene for some great snoozing with a liposomal blend of CBD. Made with a relaxing mix of melatonin, GABA, passionflower, and chamomile.

Wyld CBD + CBN Elderberry Gummies

50mg CBD | 2 Gummies | Rest & Sleep | Certificate of Analysis

Perfect for preparing for sleep. It's a little like watching sheep count you. Take one gummy before going to bed. 

Soothe nano CBD Gummies

80mg Soothe + Nano Blend CBD | 2 Gummies 

This fast-acting CBD gummy tastes great and brings a sense of calm within 30 minutes. Perfect for reducing stress anytime you need it. 

Patsy's CBD Infused Sweet Treats

25mg Full Spectrum CBD  | Milk Chocolate Square 
25mg Full Spectrum CBD | Soft Butter Caramel Chew

Patsy's Silky Milk Chocolate  and Caramel Chews are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Naturally delicious with zero artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

** Full Spectrum (0.3% THC)