TONIC CBD Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack

  • $39.00

Tonic Vibes Sun-grown, artisanal CBD-rich hemp flower rolled and packaged just for you.  Hand-trimmed flower grown in Berkshire, NY using Oregon CBD genetics. These are certified organic + Reiki-charged for a spiritual and balanced result. Smoking CBD flower provides the relaxation and lightness you expect from a "joint" but without the heady effects. 

Contains Full Spectrum Hemp CBD 100mg per serving

Serving Size 500 mg | 5 pre-rolls | 100 mg per pre-roll

Suggested Use Inhale slowly for ~ 3 seconds. Gently exhale. Repeat as necessary. We recommend smoking approximately 1/3 of the pre-roll at first and wait about 15-30 minutes before assessing if more is needed.  

Good to Know Inhalation is one of the most bioavailable ways to consume your CBD, it also has the fastest onset of all available delivery methods. CBD pre-rolls are known for their ability to release tension, calm your nervous system and provide a light euphoric feeling while maintaining mental clarity. 

Certificate of Analysis