Do Good. Feel Good.

At AllayBox, we believe happiness lies within us all. We bring our happiness into the world by doing good while feeling good.

Our mission is to improve people's health and wellness while doing impactful social good. With every CBD wellness box we curate, we partner with a non-profit company to drive awareness and impact towards their mission with the goal of everyone contributing towards a brighter, collective future for us all.

Partner Organizations

Vetting Process

Cultivate a Relationship

We begin our curative process of finding new products by getting to know our partners and learning the stories behind the makers and their products.

Dig a Little Deeper

After we've gathered our initial research to ensure safety and efficacy, we dig a little deeper for findings of what makes this product unique and innovative.

Harvest Our Crops

As a promise to our community, we only include products we use ourselves in our boutique. Once we've tried the product and are satisfied with our results, we shout it from the rooftops!

What Matters To Us


Your trust in us means everything. We evaluate all products presented in our boutique. We first review the Certificates of Analyses that certify the appropriate levels of CBD, THC and other relevant cannabinoids. We further investigate for microbial, heavy metals and other contaminants that could be present. We ensure that the lab responsible for the analysis is respected and certified to do this type of work. All Certificates of Analysis are presented in our shop with the product.


There are a lot of CBD products out there. It can be hard to know how to get the most value for your money. We do the work for you by testing products and reviewing the cost per mg. of CBD, the type of CBD (isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum) and digging into what effect they tend to produce. Products can have different effects depending on the carrier oil, the terpenes included in the CBD product, the mg/ml and other supplements that may be added. We test every product in our boutique and we're happy to discuss the products with you.


We prefer our products to be created from hands that care. All of our makers share a rich story of their journey to natural well-being and their passion for helping people feel better. We seek out these makers because of the thoughtful approach that they take in the creation of their products and in the trust they build with us at AllayBox.


Along with being artisan-crafted, we seek out products that are unique and creative in the way they are produced, the method of use, and ease of use. Most of our products come with a QR Code on their packaging for readily accessible information about the product and company. Moreover, we seek out companies extracting CBD in safer, more innovative methods for higher quality products.