Mr. Moxey's CBD Dream Mints

  • $9.99

Twilight Delight

If you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, Mr. Moxey's Dream Mints can help. The blend of lavender, passionflower, and valerian root help you to leave the day behind and drift into the deep and dreamy sleep you, well, dream about. 

Contains Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD & CBN Extract - 300 mg CBD & 150 mg CBN | 0.00% THC

Serving Size 100 mg CBD | 50mg CBN | 20 Mints | 5 mg CBD & 2.5 mg CBN per mint

Suggested Use 1 mint a day. Take additional if necessary.

Good to Know  Valerian root has long been used as an herbal remedy for stress in the body. Believed to have calming effects, Passion Flower may help you relax your mind and sleep better. Lavender has been used for centuries for its calming and soothing properties. 

Gluten-free & Vegan


Total Carb. <1g (0% DV*), Total Sugars <1g (Incl. <1g Added Sugars (1%*)), Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract 6mg (5mg of CBD) †, Dream Blend 9mg (Organic Passion flower, Organic Valerian Root, Organic Lavender) †. 

Other Ingredients: Organic powdered sugar (organic cane sugar, organic tapioca starch), organic peppermint oil, maltodextrin, agar, gum tragacanth.

Certificate of Analysis