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Is a CBD Subscription Box worth it?

Whether you've never tried CBD, only have tried it once, or are an avid consumer, you are probably well aware of CBD's benefits. It has been shown to help with pain relief, reduce stress and anxiety, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, better sleep, and more. When I started using CBD a year ago, I immediately saw results in getting a deeper sleep and stress relief during the work day. Soon after though I began to see some issues with purchasing CBD.

It was expensive, I wasn't sure if what I was buying was safe, and if it was the right product for me. A safe, high quality hemp CBD oil tincture usually costs upwards of $40 and can be as high as $200. Lotions, gummies, creams and other popular products also maintain high prices around $40-$100.

A year ago, it was also difficult to determine where my products were being sourced and manufactured. I had to perform extensive research on each brand and product to determine if what I was buying was actually safe to use, on top of orientating myself in how to what to even be looking for. I quickly became familiar with terms such as Third Party Lab Testing, COA (Certificate of Analysis), MCT oil extraction, ISO certification, and more [see our CBD Glossary].

Lastly, there wasn't much explanation in terms of how these products would help me. I had to try many different products (which was EXPENSIVE) to see which ones helped me get better sleep and relieve my stress during the day.

Through all of these troubles I realized the opportunity that laid before me and decided to create the shopping experience CBD consumers deserve. We created a CBD education hub, subscription box marketplace box to learn, try and buy the best CBD products today.

We took everything we saw that could've been better in the buying experience of CBD and decided turned it into our dream subscription:

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