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Can CBD help anxiety?

Now more than ever, it feels like people are prioritizing their mental health. A healthy mind is more compassionate and confident, however, getting there can sometimes be a struggle. The biggest challenge I’ve noticed among my network is how to deal with anxiety. Because of my involvement in natural wellness, many of my friends come to me to ask about Cannabidiol (CBD) and to explore how CBD can help with anxiety and other health concerns important to their overall well-being.

Each of us has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that works to maintain overall homeostasis within our bodies. The ECS is connected to both physiological and neurological systems. The main endocannabinoids working in our bodies are related to anandamide - the “bliss” molecule, and arachidonoylglycerol linked to our emotional states.

Each of us also has endocannabinoid receptors in our body including CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are essential for a healthy functioning brain. They can be moderators of memory, mood, motor function, and our perception of pain. CB2 receptors are found on the cells of our immune system. They help moderate inflammation and our immune response to pathogens.

Unfortunately, our ECS is easy to throw out of balance. Stress levels, diet and exercise all influence our body’s ECS. To rebalance and boost your natural ECS, you can explore plant based cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, like CBD. CBD is becoming much preferred as the healthier option for self-care vs. pharmaceuticals.

At AllayBox, we research and learn about the evolving landscape of CBD. We follow the evolving legislation, investigate CBD producers, dig deep into lab research reports, test products, and get the back story and values of the CBD brands we sell.

We started AllayBox one year ago and we’ve learned so much. We want to share some information to help you explore CBD, especially if you’re seeking help with anxiety:

CBD Tinctures come with a handy dropper and are best taken under your tongue to allow for quick absorption into your system. The effects typically are felt within 30 minutes - relaxation, calm, pain relief. Oftentimes, CBD tinctures come in a wide range of CBD concentrations. One of our most popular tinctures is Papa and Barkley, which I have found to be effective for anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, sleep improvement, and helping with normal inflammation (my knees love it!).

CBD Gummies and Edibles are great for a subtle and balanced effect. Edibles are processed through the digestive system, delivering a slow and steady concentration of CBD to the bloodstream. Effects take longer and last longer. Personally, I eat a CBD gummy every morning. It’s part of my daily routine. If you’re hooked on pumpkin-spice, we offer Halsey Co. Pumpkin Spice CBD Gummies. These are small batch 25mg CBD gummies that are also delicious. If you’re into chocolate, we offer Blush 'Balance' Double Chocolate 25mg CBD Bites. Both products help to lessen anxiety, enhance deep sleep, and support overall feelings of calm.

CBD Transdermal patches provide absorption directly through the skin. Place over any venous area of the skin; I place mine on my inner wrist. It is the same as using a Band-Aid: apply it and forget it. We offer Hath patches - for 24 hour effect and Mary’s Nutritionals patches - for about 9-12 hours of effect. These are perfect for long days, traveling, and when you want to reduce pain and anxiety for an extended period of time.

CBD Kits and Sample Boxes are our specialty. AllayBox is a CBD boutique where you will find a curated selection of products vetted for all of the things we all care about: safety, effectiveness, and trustworthy producers.

We recently introduced an AllayBox CBD Sampler priced at $25. All of our boxes allow discovery of the latest and most innovative products at a great value.

Check out AllayBox for all your CBD needs this year. For the holidays, we are introducing beautifully packaged bundles. The gift of CBD delivers some zen to the lucky recipient. For sure, it’s a gift that will not be re-gifted. If you’re curious about what to buy, we have a concierge service to answer your questions. We provide gift wrapping and mail service to make everything easy for you.

Lastly, every purchase is a gift back to the community. Through the end of the year we are giving to The Last Prisoner Project, dedicated to releasing nonviolent cannabis prisoners and rebuilding their lives through reentry programs.